Who we are

Our mission is to safely and efficiently train professional airline pilots

Why studying with us?

Asteraviation goal is that of guaranteeing full success to its students, thanks to its teachers and partners. By using  different methods, in fact, they will identify individual capacities and predispositions.

To guarantee full success to its students, Asteraviation carefully selects its teachers and collaborators, who will spot abilities and predispositions in all those who aspire to enter the professional courses.

All our students will be selected, guided and followed in every moment during their training.
Before the beginning of the training courses we will organise preparatory exams on Maths, Physics and English.

During the courses our students will get the chance to actively experience and collaborate in the aviation sector with the airline companies that partner with us, to develop their training.

Nothing is left to chance: everything has been organised and standardised to guarantee the best training to best students.