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In the health sector there are many more benefits when you can understand why a success or failure rather than what it is.

In his training the professional driver learns to always maintain a situational awareness, namely to try in every condition to have the constant perception to 360° of what is happening, analyse the facts correctly and draw directly from your own knowledge and find a safe and workable solution.

The course has been developed for the health sector (clinics and hospital departments, dental clinics,…) and aims to expand knowledge on the human factor and CRM. It promotes effective attitudes and behaviors for a full role in the emergency operations and in the interface with all the figures involved. Develops communication skills in the group.
Promotes the process of building the“Safety-Culture” in the team and in the awareness that it is a continuous path evolving with the participation of all.

The CRM-H training provides the group with the ability to apply a strategy, but also the confidence to know that the strategy is the right one.

“We cannot easily change the human condition, but we can create contexts where errors are less likely and, when they occur, increase their possibility of discovery and correction”
James reason

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