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Crisis Management

Asteraviation has developed specific counselling courses for crisis management in small and medium-sized companies.

During the course the critical situations are analyzed by focusing on the attitudes taken by all team members, both in the communication between and in the integration with the departments of the company.

In the aeronautical context, the decision-making phase (Aeronautical decision making) is considered with particular attention.

A situation of corporate crisis is, in fact, a source of stress caused both by the situation itself and by the duty to decide what actions to take.

Aviation Operation for Law Firms Course

Asteraviation is a partner of law firms and has developed a specific programme for professionals, who want to specialize in assisting with business aviation (Aviation operation for Law Firms Course).

Asteraviation ha elaborato un programma per professionisti che intendono specializzarsi nell’assistenza alle problematiche relative all’aviazione commerciale

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