HR Management

Uno degli aspetti gestiti da Asteraviation è il team management

In aviation, the multidisciplinary category of Crew Resource Management (CRM) includes a wide range of knowledge, skills, attitudes that mainly affect the cognitive and interpersonal relationship areas necessary for the management of the whole system. Cognitive skills can be defined as mental processes used to achieve a better level of“Situation awareness”, “problem solving”, “decision making”; and maintain them.

One of the fundamental aims of CRM is to ensure that teamwork is qualitatively and quantitatively better than that performed by individuals taken individually.

These concepts have been developed, developed and applied to commercial aviation over the last 40 years and have led to a drastic reduction in the number of aircraft crashes.

Qualitative data from the most modern scientific research shows that, through the use of CRM techniques, the individual improves meta-cognitive skills (such as self-esteem or self-awareness) and that these can have a strong link with the improvement of group performance.

The change of perspective and organized learning has highlighted the importance of reaffirming certain forgotten or taken for granted personal skills. The result is a good organization of group work, especially in emergencies

Applying the aeronautical CRM to companies today is not only possible but can be the guarantee of the winning management of a crisis.

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