Corso di Abilitazione al Volo Strumentale

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The achievement of the instrument rating on aeroplane (Instrument Rating – Aeroplane) allows, according to the EASA PART FCL regulation, to operate as a pilot-in-command on multi-engine or single engine aeroplanes under instrument flight conditions.

What is Instrument rating?

The Instrument Rating allows the pilot to fly in low visibility conditions thanks to the use of on-board instruments.

When a pilot obtains the instrument rating, he is allowed to fly following the same procedures and contacting the same air traffic control units used by commercial aviation aeroplanes.

To obtain an IR rating, the Asteraviation Flight Academy offers an extremely professional and complete journey.

Why obtain the Instrument Rating?

The IR rating is of fundamental importance in the training path of the student who wants to become a professional pilot. It is in fact one of the essential requirements required by airlines for the recruitment of pilots.

The IR course is also one of the most useful for private pilots. It improves safety by providing the pilot with more knowledge of flight instrumentation, and allows him to fly in instrumental meteorological conditions (IMC).

Instrument Rating (IR) may be added to a private pilot licence (PPL) or a commercial pilot licence (CPL).

abilitazione IR

Course structure and duration

The instrument flight course, which must be completed in 18 months, is organized ad hoc considering the needs of each student. During the training period theoretical and practical lessons will be held. Specifically, our course has a total duration of 250 hours, distributed as follows:

Theoretical part: 200 hours of theory lessons, in class or at home via Distance Learning platform.   Holders of ATPL Frozen shall not follow the
Neither theory course nor theoretical exams.

Practical part: includes 50 hours of training with Instrument Rating Instructor, of which:

  • 10 hours on Piper PA28-151
  • 20 hours on Piper PA28RT
    • 20 hours on ALSIM ALX Simulator.

Course’s items

To obtain this rating, it is necessary to hold a PPL licence and to have at least 50 hours of flight time as a Pilot-in-Command (PIC) active.

With the Instrument Flight Rating (IR) you start to climb the highest step, but also the most challenging, for a pilot already in possession of the private pilot license. This type of qualification opens new scenarios and provides more knowledge, requiring the student a proportional commitment.

The IR rating will be obtained on a single engine (IR-SE). For students interested in pursuing a professional pilot’s career and being recruited by an airline, further training for the extension of the IR on a multi-engine aeroplane (IR-MEP) shall be provided after obtaining the rating. The IR Multi Engine rating, in fact, is the rating for piloting multi-engine aircraft.

Requirements for instrument flight course

  • PPL or CPL licence.
  • English voice rating and TEA certification (minimum level 4).
  • Medical examination of 1 st. or 2 st. Class.
  • Night Rating (NR).
  • 50 hours flight time from PIC.
Flight Instructor

Why choose Asteraviation

Asteraviation’s mission has always been to innovatively train the professionals of the future. The innovative training we offer takes place through the application of elements used by airlines for the training of their pilots, such as the CRM (Crew Resource Management).

Our headquarters is in Villafranca di Verona. For further information on the IR instrument rating and if you wish to learn more about our course, please do not hesitate to contact us at the contact details on the website. One of our operators will answer all your questions.

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