Courses for pilots in Verona

Innovation in training

Asteraviation was born as a flight academy.A professional academy created by teaching professionals who have worked and work with and training realities.
Asteraviation Flight Academy organizes selections aimed at identifying the skills and predisposition of those who aspire to embark on the career of airline pilot.

All the training is built around the concepts of the aeronautical CRM, today more than ever fundamental not only for the selections in the airlines but for the job of the modern pilot.

The selected students will be followed step by step at all times.

During the courses, cadets will have the opportunity to gain experience in the aviation sector by actively collaborating with airlines, our partners, in areas useful to their training
Nothing is left to chance, everything is organized to ensure the best training for the best students.

Our pilot’s courses

Want to become a pilot?

Asteraviation Flight Academy guarantees its students a complete and innovative training, thanks to the experience of its teachers and to the effective and modern teaching methodologies.

For more information about our flight courses, do not hesitate to contact us. One of our operators will answer all your questions.

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