Airline Transport Pilot Licence  ATPL(A)

What is an ATPL Licence?

The ATPL license (Airline Transport Pilot licence from which the acronym ATPL) is the license that allows become pilot of airliners that is, that it is able to fly airliners as Commander.

To start the career of professional pilot of an airplane you need a investment in the formation attending a modular ATPL or integrated at a “Approved Training Organisations” (ATO) where to obtain the flight licences (once called patents) required by airlines to be hired as professional pilots.

Pista di rullaggio
Diventare pilota di aerei di linea

Why become an airline pilot?

Wanting to become an airline pilot means to become a professional pilot at the controls of an aircraft and be able to enjoy the indescribable emotion of taking off from the runway an airplane. Not to mention that there is a real sense of accomplishment when landing safely after each flight.

The aviation industry is made up of extraordinary and unique people who share a passion for flying with energy and enthusiasm.

Obtaining an airline pilot licence is a decisive investment in training and makes people smarter. By learning to apply logic and rationality to decisions, drivers know how to manage the resources available in a winning way.

✍ Requirements for becoming a pilot of airliners

To become an airline pilot you must attend the course at an Organization for Training (ATO), a real school of airline pilots authorized by the National Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) to organize ATPL courses in Italy.

At a flight school of scheduled aircraft you can get all the licenses and ratings necessary to be hired by an airline and become a airline pilot.

To start a modular ATPL training course you must meet the following requirements:

have reached the age of 16;
Have attained 1st Class medical fitness as prescribed by European legislation.

Difference between modular ATPL course and integrated ATPL course

Asteraviation offers its cadets a modular ATPL course, that is carried out in several consecutive modules. The modular course ensures greater adaptability to the needs of each cadet. The integrated course, on the other hand, converges all the notions in a single intensive course. However, these must be learned in 24/36 months and, in case of interruption of the course, no license is recognized.

The next ATPL course will start
in March 2024

Structure and duration of the ATPL course in Italy

➤ ATPL Frozen: what is

ATPL Frozen is the theoretical Easa ATPL course. To obtain the ATPL Frozen you must pass all the ATPL exam subjects in sessions organized by ENAC. As we will see below, the subjects for the theoretical ATPL exam are 14.

European legislation (EASA) allows you to start working for an airline with the CPL (Commercial Pilot Licence) and the ATPL Frozen.

The ATPL (Full ATPL) licence is required to pilot a scheduled aircraft as a commander, so you can get after a few years of work as a professional pilot at an airline or a commercial operator. The requirements for full ATPL are 1,500 total flight hours (of which at least 500 on multi-crew aircraft).

Asteraviation’s theoretical airliner pilot course (ATPL Frozen) is flexible and adapted to the cadet’s abilities with programs specifically designed for students, newly graduated and workers.

It can be done in several ways:

650 hours of class theory;
integrating the study on the platform in Distance Learning with 250 hours in the classroom (suitable for those who work).

Materie ed Esami ATPL

esame atpl teorico

The ATPL subjects of the theoretical course, divided into 5 days of examination, are 14:

Air Law, Aircraft General Knowledge -Airframe, Systems, Powerplant, Aircraft General Knowledge -Instrumentation, Mass and Balance, Performance, Flight Planning and Monitoring, Human Performance and Limitations, Meteorology, General Navigation, Radio Navigation, OperationalProcedures, Principles of Flight, VFR Communications, IFR Communications.

The candidate can take the exam only after passing the pre ATPL test at the academy with at least 85% score. The preparation provided by Asteraviation is established on the basis of constant exercise tests taken from an official ATPL database in constant update.

The student must sit and pass all tests for all subjects within a period of 18 months, calculated from the end of the month in which the first exam session is held.

Each exam session has a date of convocation. To find out the dates of the next ATPL exams just consult the exam calendar ENAC 2021.

Prova l'esperienza del volo diventa pilota di linea


  • 650 hours of theory

  • 4 platforms for study

  • Training days at the operating offices of airlines

  • Courses from March 2024

Why choose the ATPL course of Asteraviation

Asteraviation è un ATO autorizzata ad organizzare corsi per prendere la licenza di pilota di linea (anni fa chiamato brevetto ATPL) con sede a Verona, in Veneto. È una blasonata scuola di volo per piloti di linea, ogni anno decine di ragazzi e ragazze arrivano da tutta Italia per conseguire qui le licenze e diventare pilota di aerei di linea.

Il percorso ATPL (Airline Transport Pilot Licence) fornito da Asteraviation ti garantirà, grazie all’esperienza e alla professionalità dei docenti e collaboratori, una formazione plasmata sulle tue esigenze, consentendoti la miglior performance per il tuo successo.

I nostri innovativi programmi di addestramento hanno come obiettivo quello di garantire una formazione sicura, completa e di successo.

Costs and more information

To know how much the airline flight licence costs (today it is called a license) and then the cost of the ATPL course at our Flight Academy in Verona, you can contact us by filling out the form below.

We will call you back immediately and propose solutions to take advantage of the ATPL funding and facilities in place.

High School Program

This program is designed for students who want to obtain professional flight licenses without taking the time to study for the achievement of the high school diploma.

The programme was designed to intensify activities during the summer holidays and at the end of the course. The most demanding courses are, in fact, provided after the graduation.

In this way the cadet will have time to assimilate all the knowledge necessary for his training as a pilot and at the same time will be able to be ready for recruitment in an airline shortly after obtaining the diploma.

corso ATPL per studenti

Airline Fast Program

We have developed an intensive program with theory and flight lessons that will allow you to acquire all the skills needed to become a professional pilot in about two years.

During this period the cadet will be constantly followed by our flight instructors and those of theory. It will be an intense study path, but with the help of the academy team it will be possible to become a professional driver in a short time.

Corso ATPL presso Asteraviation per diventare piloti di linea

ATPL(A) Distance Learning

You work in another sector and you’ve always dreamed of being an airline pilot? With the Asteraviation Flight Academy’s ATPL (A) Distance Learning program, you can take courses without having to take your time.

You will be constantly followed by our team and you will be able to obtain all the licenses and qualifications to become a professional driver.

Diventa pilota di linea e inizia subito la tua carriera presso le compagnie aeree

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