Scheduled events

How to become a private pilot

13, April 2019


• with an Italian license, can I rent an airplane abroad?
• the duration of the course to obtain a private pilot license (ppl)
• medical examination
• how much it costs to get the ppl license
• does the ppl license expire?
• How much flight activity do I have to do per year?
• what can I pilot with the ppl license?
• can I go abroad?
• Do I have to buy a plane?
• ultralight or general aviation?
• credits from vds
• where I can arrive alone with an airplane

Seminario su come diventare pilota privato aprile 2019

Human factor and Safety in Aviation

09, April 2019

The fundamental concepts of the seminar will be: human error (nature, causes and error management), Safety Management System, human performance, human interaction, human-machine interaction.

Speaker of the seminar, which will be held at our Dossobuono headquarters, will be our Safety Manager Cpt Italo Oddone

Human factor and safety in aviazione

How to become an airline pilot

16, March 2019


• what happens after hiring an airline
• the labor market
• invest in training in the right way: the choice of the school
• modular course vs integrated course
• routes and costs to become a professional driver
• the basic requirements to start the courses
• what are the flight licenses
• the issue of security
• how much it costs to fly
• ultralight or general aviation
• psychophysical fitness and diploma
• how old you can start flying

Education and work: the great demand for pilots

10, December 2018

The Carlo Anti Institute of Villafranca organized, with the sponsorship of the Municipality of Villafranca di Verona, a meeting dedicated to young people on the demand for pilots in the aviation world. Asteraviation was invited as a speaker.

Incontro di formazione con Asteraviation presso la scusa superiore Carlo Anti di Villafranca